Monday Musings #3

I apologize for the radio silence here recently - life has been very busy and we all have our moments of letting time slip away from us. BUT, I have many things to share with you on this Monday Musing. It's a bit of everything of late and moments when I have been truly grateful.

Hiking around the Devil's Punchbowl which is right outside of LA proper.

And making it to the Devil's Chair - those guard rails are no joke.

Margaritas with some new friends...

Caught a screening of It Follows with an old friend...


Headed to the desert where I got to hang out with some amazing ladies and volunteer at their yearly benefit to raise money for breast cancer. I have been walking 60 miles for the past two years to help find a cure and these women and the cause have become very close to my heart.

I turned a year younger recently (funny how that works!) and had a wonderful birthday celebration. To be honest, I had not really celebrated my birthday in the past recent years and my Mom and friends truly made the day special and too much fun.  

Had a couple of amazing dinners at Son of a Gun (one of my favs) and Sotto.

AND finally, to top it all off....a trip to the Rose Bowl Flea Market! Always hot, always crowded, always AWESOME.