Monday Musings #1

A week can go by in a flash. I know I can easily get dragged down by the mundane process of having responsibilities that can take the fun out of your day. I try to counter this by involving myself with different experiences and the opportunities that this city has to offer. Here I wanted to share what I have been up to recently, even if it is as small as changing a piece of decor in my place. I know that this will be motivation for me to continue to experience things and to enjoy life.

Had a couple of delicious dinners at Butchers and Barbers and Baco Mercat.

Attended the opening night of artHAUS LA's VERVE, which is located in Venice. I got to see some amazing art and the space was a lot of fun.

There was a photograph from my past trip to Africa that I wanted to display in my place. The wall that is perfect for it is above the bed in my guest bedroom. I wanted the photo as large as I could get it printed - since the bed doesn't have a headboard, I feel that a large art piece above the bed helps anchor the bed to the wall. Due to the fact that it is very hard to find a frame at such a large size and the cost of custom framing is so expensive - I decided to step out of the box and have the photo mounted on some gator board. When it came to hanging it above the bed, I was able to find some L-shaped nails which holds it in place and are hardly noticeable. I am very happy with how the project turned out and I love the illusion of the photograph floating on the wall. 

Enjoyed the views of downtown LA at Ace Hotel's rooftop bar.