Office Essentials

With a home office makeover on my mind, it got me thinking about the office space that most people have at work. In all of my jobs, I have been given the basics - lamp, phone, writing pad, etc - and every single time, they were the same generic office supplies. Now, these office essentials don't HAVE to be pretty but what is the harm in bringing in some things and making the space your own? Since I am at my job for 8+ hours a day, I enjoy it being in a spot that is not only functional but decorative. It can feel less like an office environment and more like a space I would find at home.
Here are some of my top picks on what would add some interest to your work desk.

1 - A small tray :: to hold any of the odds and ends on your desk such as your keys, pencil cup, sunglasses, etc.
2 - A desk calendar :: that displays great on your desk instead of being one that has to be tacked up on the wall.
3 - A vase :: to hold fresh flowers that will brightens up anyone's day.
4 - A framed print :: to help hide some of that blank wall next to you or in front of you. It adds some personality to your space and you can just lean it against the wall - no hanging required.
5 - A desk lamp :: that uniquely stands out among the generic desk lamps your neighbors will have. It sets the mood of your work space. 
6 - New notebooks :: to jot down your ideas, to take notes during meetings and that hold up better than ones you find the in office supply closet.
7 - A brass cup :: to hold your pens, pencils, scissors, etc.
8 - A paperweight :: that serves not only as design but also function.   
9 - Hand lotion :: being in a work environment, one has to constantly wash their hands and having some hand lotion is a great way to keep your skin from drying out. Plus, being able to display your hand lotion in a simple bottle is not too bad either.
10 - A couple bookends :: to help hold up any books, binders, notebooks and/or papers that you may have.