Be Still My Heart

With Valentine's Day coming up, it got me thinking about love...and hearts...and all of those generic gifts you see popping up around this time. I am not one to feel the need to heavily partake in expressing my love on just this one should happen all the time, right? Anyways, I started to look for gifts that broke the mold of the classic red heart and more towards the actual anatomical heart - where those strong feelings reside - because there is something about saying..."you have my actual heart."

1 - Heart Decanter :: Kosmos
2 - Anatomic Heart Necklace :: BjΓΈrg
3 - The Heart Screen Print :: Ork Posters
4 - Heart Chart Temporary Tattoo :: Tattly
5 - Gold Anatomical Heart Print :: PrintsofHeart
6 - Golden Egg Heart :: Corezone
7 - Charade Heart Vase :: Jonathan Adler