Turn On The Light

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I scoffed at the idea of having a desk/working space. To me, that represented all my years at school where homework was completed, papers written, etc. I was now free of all that, living on my own.
Over the years, that mentality has slowly changed. I got a new computer which meant I needed something to place it on that I could also sit at. I rebelled a bit by getting a console table that fit the bill for my desire for "no desks!" and being a small size to fit awkwardly against a small wall, crammed in a space with a daybed, bookcase, etc.
I have recently changed the layout of my bedroom - being the size of a large rectangle, it has always been hard to configure. I got rid of the large bookcase that served as a room divider and pushed the daybed to the end of my bed which now serves as a bench. It has opened up this new space that I am eager to fill. With changes going on in my personal life, I now have a need for a workspace and I couldn't be more excited about it.
With all of that said, I am embarking on finding new items and pieces that will construct a creative space for me. My start is lamps! I have always liked the look of a table lamp versus a working desk lamp with the long neck and the bulbous top. Also, the more dramatic the lamp, the better. I have been particularly fond of black lamp shades that produce a softer light - creates more of an atmosphere. Below are some pictures of interiors that I found inspirational on some great work spaces and their lamps.

I went searching for some lamps that I would love to own for my desk. Being basic in color and maybe having a metallic accent or two, all of these lamps would fit into most decors, color scheme, etc. And along with any art or pictures you hang, these lamps would serve as statement pieces to enliven your work space.

1 - Haley Lamp :: Jayson Home
2 - Smelting Table Lamp :: CB2
3 - Director's Tripod Table Lamp :: One King's Lane
4 - Tall Barrel Table Lamp :: One King's Lane
5 - Morton Table Lamp :: West Elm
6 - Dolly Wide Table Lamp :: YLighting
7 - Melissa Table Lamp :: Bed Bath & Beyond

Photo Credits from left to right - Decor Pad :: J'ADR :: Interiorator :: Made By Girl