Light My Fire

Matches have always been one of those things you scrounge around in the back of your drawers for. Whether coming in a box by the hundreds or with some bar advertisement, they have never really been an attractive household item. That has obviously all changed and now they are something worth displaying. Below are some great options that would look fantastic next to your favorite candle. I, personally, am waiting for the day when I can have the Aerin Gold Round Match Striker on my coffee table...

-1 copy.jpg

1 - Highway Matches :: Izola
2 - Smoky Quartz Matches :: HomArt
3 - Oui! Matches :: The Social Type
4 - Pipe Porcelain Match Strike  :: Jonathan Adler
5 - Round Match Striker :: Aerin
6 - Apothecary Matches :: Jen Pearson